Dennis and Brigiet

Everything began on Aug. 24, 1884

When, after years of discussion and consultation, the then Belgian Pilots proceeded to found an association with the purpose of erecting a building on the newly constructed Noordzeeboulevard to promote friendly and sociable intercourse among themselves.

The association was given the name of Belgische Loodsensociëteit “Unie”. Thanks to the government, they were assigned this really exceptionally conveniently located place. Now, years later, De Belgische Loodsensociëteit still exists. It has become a public hotel|restaurant where pilots still drink a beer at the bar every day. The unique view of the Westerschelde has remained. The coming and going of the pilot boats can be clearly seen from the restaurant and the rooms with sea view. Enjoy all that is beautiful to see & experience here.

Since November 2014, Dennis and Brigiet are the owners of this Hotel Restaurant. Dennis, Brigiet and the enthusiastic team offer a place where you can enjoy because there is always something to see, where the staff is sincere and interested, where the environment captures your imagination and where you can eat and drink delicious and honest food at your leisure.


Loodswezen region Scheldemonden has a rich and eventful history. This, because the Scheldt used to be a border river, with all its problems.

After 1839 the Loodswezen in this area had a 100-year competition battle the Belgian and Dutch Loodswezen. Now a widely appreciated pilotage service is carried out in good cooperation with each other.

Together they take care of the shipping traffic to and from the Flemish ports situated on the Scheldt. The distribution in this is 72.5% for the Flemish pilots and 27.5% for the Dutch pilots.