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Hotel • Restaurant De Belgische Loodsensociëteit

Welcome to shore

At de Belgische Loodsensociëteit

We would love to spoil you with a nice coffee, a special beer or a delicious dinner.

Hotel • Restaurant De Belgische Loodsensociëteit

A cozy overnight stay in Flushing, enjoy the inspiring surroundings, indulge in freshly prepared meals, we look forward to it.

We are open to everyone for a cup of coffee, cozy lunch and dinner. We are also open to everyone for an overnight hotel stay.
If you visit our hotel, we trust in your good seamanship and wish you a pleasant stay.

The skipper must do everything possible to avoid danger to himself
himself and for others.

See you soon!

Dennis and Brigiet

Welcome ashore at The Belgian Pilots Society.

From 4 untill 13 december our restaurant and hotel are closed.

On December 25 and 26, our restaurant will be closed so that our staff can enjoy these days with family and friends.

On December 31, our restaurant will be open until 5 p.m. On January 1, the restaurant will be open.

Our restaurant is closed every tuesday.
Please take a look at our beer menu, our pride and joy, full of tasty Belgian beers. We are known for our generous and special selection.
Or else take a look at the history of the Soos!
In any case, we hope to welcome you soon in “De Soos” as well!

You can keep up with our latest developments via Facebook.


Everything started on 24 Aug 1884

Welcome to shore at De Belgische Loodsensociëteit.

Read on to learn more about the history of the Soos.