What could be better than getting married on the beach and partying at night overlooking the Westerschelde?

Since October 2015, De Belgische Loodsensociëteit has been an official wedding location. The ceremony may be held inside or on the terrace. We are also allowed to organize wedding ceremonies on the beach.

  • From ceremony to party
  • From weddingcake to live band


Don’t want to celebrate your birthday at home? Have a drink with friends? End a good year with a drink with the company? You can do that at De Belgische Loodsensociëteit.

  • From 10 to 150 gasten
  • Choice from the entire range of drinks.

For the essential refreshments you can choose from the items below:

Luxury appetizers

House-baked ciabatta with salmon, brie or pate. Glass with prawn and spicy sauce. Wrap with pesto, zucchini and arugula.


Various hot snacks such as chicken nugget, nasi slice and meatball.

Cold appetizers

Chimay cheese, chorizo sausage, nuts or olives.


Diner, Lunch, Brunch or a cup of coffee with a group

Of course you are welcome with a group. For lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee; a lot is possible with us. We create an appropriate menu for every occasion.

Also a cup of coffee with a piece of apple pie or a bolus is one of the possibilities. We gladly inform you about this.

For a customized quotation without any obligation, please contact us at 0118-413608 or at


A three-course menu with a choice of fish or meat with the starter and main course can be put together starting at € 26.50. It is also possible to organize a hot and cold buffet for 20 people or more. Depending on your wishes, we will prepare a buffet for you. From satay to culinary indulgence. Also a walking dinner is possible.

For groups of 10 persons or more we are happy to create a menu according to your wishes.



For lunch from 15 people upwards, we suggest a lunch buffet
lunch buffet or treat your guests to sandwiches.

Lunchbuffet Budget 11,00 per person:

White and brown bread
Cheese and cold meats
Sweet spreads
Coffee, tea and milk

Lunchbuffet 17,00 per person:

  • White and farmhouse brown bread, kaiser rolls
    Eggs and bacon
    Yogurt, cruesli and dried fruit
    Fresh fruit
    Cheese and meat products
    Sweet spreads
    Coffee, tea and milkYou can also choose sandwiches, which we serve on a tray at the table.

Overige opties:

Budget sandwiches on scale:

Kaiser rolls ham or cheese
€ 3.50 per roll

Luxury Sandwiches on scale:

Luxury sandwiches with salad and brie / chicken breast / fish salad etc.
€ 7,25 per sandwich

Hot lunch:

Soup, schnitzel with fries and salad, dessert
€ 17,50 per person